Da Clà


Claudio Palazzolo

Claudio Palazzolo, owner of the Da Clà restaurant, starts the fourth season in the exclusive terrace overlooking the sea in Balestrate. Inspired by the tradition and the simplicity of the flavours, Claudio proposes an amazing, creative and always original cuisine concept for his restaurant, using only top-quality raw materials.
The continuous search for the new, the attention to details, the passion for good taste and the many culinary experiences around the world, are the characteristics that make Claudio a discerning restaurateur. Each part of his background merges into every dish that the restaurant offers.
Punctual, elegant, and constantly moving, Claudio never misses an appointment at his restaurant and personally serves his customers, providing them with all its knowledge in culinary and wine matters.
Gian Paolo Fiorello Chef with 15 years of experience, with a Sicilian soul and cooking style. Andrea Ruisi Best graduate of the XXIX Advanced Course in Italian Cuisine at the Gualtiero Marchesi ALMA Academy. Fully experienced in Michelin-starred restaurants. Creative and visionary. Freelance chef and food and beverage consultant.